Classes & Demonstrations 2018

Gluten-Free for Life Expo, 2018
The StPete Coliseum
535 Fourth Avenue N, StPetersburg, FL
March 24th, 2018 - 11:am till 4:pm

Classes & Demonstrations

Alcove # 2 – Relaxation Station ($10.00)
This year we'll have our Relaxation Station back! Once again you can experience a wonderful 15-minute Chair Massage for only $10.00! Thank you to Amy and Lisa for working with us :-) Last year the Relaxation Station was kept busy all day with Guests, Volunteers, and Vendors.  Drop by Alcove #2 and enjoy.

Alcove # 3 – Alive Culinary Coaching (Free)
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Welcome back Kay Kasser from Alive Culinary Coaching. She has much to offer on bridging the gap between diagnosis and daily living. Kay will be doing two different Demonstrations in Alcove # 3 throughout the day:
     1.      Meal Planning 101
     2.     This is too good to be Gluten Free

Alcove # 4 – Open Heart Counseling (Free)
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Stop by and visit with Paige Cargioli to check out Emotional Polarity Technique. Paige is a trained Counselor with Masters Degrees in Mental Health Counseling as well as Pastoral Care and Counseling from Boston College.  Paige will be working in Alcove # 4 throughout the day and you can stop by for a chat or volunteer to see how EPTWorks will work for you.

Alcove # 5 – Chef Bob Aungst (Free)
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Visit Chef Bob and join the conversation about eating out in restaurants from a Chef's perspective.  Discuss how to order, what to order, what to discuss with the server/owner/chef and all the hidden ways gluten can sneak into your meal without you, or even the restaurant, even knowing.  Don’t be shy, stop on by Alcove # 5 and become a part of the solution.

Alcove # 6 – Gulf Beaches Fitness & Yoga (Free)
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Karla Hollan blends her background in Physical Therapy and Yoga with her training in Life Coaching and Corporate Ergonomics to give you practical guidelines to reach your health goals. Karla will be doing three unique Demonstrations at Alcove # 6 throughout the day: 
     1.      Move it or Lose it
     2.     The ABC’s of Posture
     3.     Breathing Tools right at your Fingertips

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